The Confero Group AG team

Confero Group AG is a distinguished management and technology consultancy that specializes in serving the financial services sector. Our team of experts combines a forward-thinking approach with extensive industry knowledge and technical expertise to offer our clients comprehensive consulting services along with cutting-edge technology solutions to drive their organizational transformation. Through our collaborative and streamlined approach, we help our clients to successfully navigate and innovate, enhance revenue generation, manage risk and regulatory change, lower operating costs, and improve overall control.


Jörg Wieneke, Board of Directors
Jörg Wieneke Board of Directors
Carsten Butzbach, Board of Directors
Carsten Butzbach Board of Directors
Dr. Alberto Vivenzio, Board of Directors
Dr. Alberto Vivenzio Board of Directors
Christian Kistler, Board of Directors
Christian Kistler Board of Directors
Olaf Bartelt, Managing Director
Olaf Bartelt Managing Director
Peter Erdweg, Partner
Peter Erdweg Partner
Thomas Brandt, Partner
Thomas Brandt Partner
Dirk Elberskirch, Partner
Dirk Elberskirch Partner
Jochen Müller, Partner
Jochen Müller Partner
Dr. Nico Lehnertz, Consultant
Dr. Nico Lehnertz Consultant
Deniz Kacmaz, Finance and Controlling
Deniz Kacmaz Finance and Controlling
Sabine Christmann, Management Assistant
Sabine Christmann Management Assistant
Nadja Kaspari, Finance and Controlling
Nadja Kaspari Finance and Controlling
Ralph Adrian, Head of Finance & Controlling
Ralph Adrian Head of Finance & Controlling
Marjan Ahmadjar, Office employee
Marjan Ahmadjar Office employee
Michael  Jocher, Sales
Michael Jocher Sales
Annekathrin  Malt, Sales Assistant
Annekathrin Malt Sales Assistant
Leonid Schmerkin, Senior Consultant
Leonid Schmerkin Senior Consultant
Massimiliano  Vivenzio, Senior Consultant
Massimiliano Vivenzio Senior Consultant
Yves Körner, Senior Consultant
Yves Körner Senior Consultant
Alexander Haag, Senior SAP Consultant
Alexander Haag Senior SAP Consultant
Jörg Gehrig, Senior Consultant
Jörg Gehrig Senior Consultant
Thomas Lücken, Senior Consultant
Thomas Lücken Senior Consultant
Christian Grauel, Senior Associate
Christian Grauel Senior Associate
Roland Rühl, Senior Associate
Roland Rühl Senior Associate
Peter Knacke, Senior Associate
Peter Knacke Senior Associate
Jens Mueller, Senior Associate
Jens Mueller Senior Associate
Meik Voss, Senior Associate
Meik Voss Senior Associate

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