Sustainability and Corporate Social Responsibility

Integrity, responsibility, respect and diversity are the core values of the Confero Group. As a medium-sized consulting firm, we see our responsibility towards our clients, employees, business partners, society and the environment not only as a duty, but also as an opportunity to develop further and make our contribution to a more sustainable, inclusive and diverse world. Our understanding of sustainable and responsible business is currently based on three pillars.«

Corporate Responsibility

The first pillar is the commitment to comply with and promote the ten basic principles of the Global Compact for Business and the 17 Sustainable Development Goals of the United Nations. These values and goals form the basis of our corporate responsibility.

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Code of Conduct

In addition to our commitment to the objectives formulated above, we provide our organizational members, business partners and customers with a Code of Conduct that contains explicit guidelines and instructions for conduct as well as basic values that serve as guardrails in situations that are not explicitly regulated in order to jointly promote exemplary and far-sighted decisions in various contexts.

» Code of Conduct

Social Commitment

In addition to our core business, the Confero Group is actively involved in the non-profit organization Kinder werden Freunde e.V., which brings children with limited opportunities (e.g. due to physical, family or financial restrictions) together with other children who do not have such restrictions or only to a limited extent. With a great deal of energy and dedication, Kinder werden Freunde e.V. tries to make a small contribution so that friendships can form and integration can be experienced.

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Jörg Wieneke, Member of the Management Board of Confero Group AG

Jörg Wieneke, Member of the Management Board
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